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Back to the future : a quick look at what we’re going to do in 2030!

Once my manager asked me: “we already have a plan by 2020, we need to expect what we’re going to do by 2030?!”

Actually it was a surprising question for me, I used that technology change every moment and we hardly try to catch it, so what surprised me that for one time I need to take a step forward and be ready for what’s coming.

I posted this question on many social platforms and among friends in I.T field, I tried to see different prospectives, now I can sort the answers as follow:

1- Digital world:

It was a comment from a friend on Linkedin, that everything going to be digital.

For some reasons I believe we are in the digital world already. I searched for a word “Digitizing” as a description of what we are in today. From government to small services, everyone finds it is easy to use digital ways to deal with everyday basics. In fact..now you can finish a lot of work/document/appointment…etc right from your mobile.

Just google a word “digital”and you will see by yourself how we use digital stuffs everyday ( digital cameras / digital marketing / even digital drugs 😂)

2- Bots time:

According to Stephen Hawking : Artificial Intelligence will be either the best or the worst thing for humanity Courtesy: The Guardian .

We all know about Tay bot from Microsoft and Facebook bots with their own (freaky) new language. Of course we can’t judge now whether they were angels or daemons, but we CAN make them useful and get most out of this technology indeed.

Imagine that: BOT acts like your system engineer. That makes system engineers hate me 😃 but it is a fact by now . you (As a business owner/IT manager) send e-mail (or even chat) to your bot to do specific task. your bot will contact with your system -since everything now under SDDC- and everything is “softwarized” if I may say. then your task is done and your bot sends you an e-mail for confirmation. what do you need for more?!

Of course there is more, we are talking about AI and machine learning now, bots learn and educate themselves. they do the jobs based of their view and statistics. No need for human intervention anymore.

3-Virtual Reality is already here:

VMware announced “The Virtual Reality Datacenter” at VMworld US 2017 . One of my colleagues was joking with me and said : “one day you will enter I.T room and find engineers wear HTC VIVE and wave in the air.. ” how funny will be 😃

No more written command or “right click” on the mouse, in the demo, you will hold virtual machines by your hands. And hence the other elements in your datacenter.

Still cannot imagine how it will be and what is our rule. But I believe in human mind and I am sure the future will be beyond our imagination.

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